Apartments And Hotels In Sevilla: Core Suites

Apartments and hotels in Sevilla

Apartments And Hotels In Sevilla: Core Suites

Traveling and, at the same time, believing that you are at home is one of the most extraordinary sensations. For this reason, apartments are becoming more and more protagonists when it comes to choosing accommodation for your getaway.

If, in addition, these are perfectly located, boast a modern style, and have all the comforts, everything will turn out just fine.

Core Suites Sevilla is defined by their comfort and design, but above all by its location. Calle San Eloy, in the heart of the Seville capital, is the home of these apartments in the center of Seville.

In a few words, an ideal corner to enjoy the city at any time of the year. This is the place of passage for all the brotherhoods during Holy Week; and its peculiar and beautiful balconies, are the best box from which to enjoy this rich tradition.

Likewise, this location is not only ideal for experiencing Holy Week, but also for discovering a capital that has a lot to teach.

A building protected by Heritage and renovated in 2018 is the place where these apartments in the Andalusian capital are built.

A traditional style that blends perfectly with the modern character that lives inside. Its avant-garde and industrial furniture provide a personality that few accommodations in Seville can boast of. The neutral, gray, and light tones also create an atmosphere of calm, stillness, and disconnection. As we said, just like in your home.

On the other hand, you can also choose between two types: a studio with a balcony or an apartment with two double rooms.

The first of them has 30 square meters and is ideal for two people. With a modern and elegant interior design, it stands out for its very bright and open space, with an office kitchen and outdoor balcony.

For its part, the accommodation with two rooms and 64 square meters is perfect for families or groups of friends, since its capacity is five people.

For many, it may be obvious, but it is also worth remembering that these apartments in Seville have all the equipment you need to feel at home.

We are talking, in this case, about a kitchen, fridge, ceramic hob, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, kitchenware, clothes iron, coffee maker, gel and shampoo, shower, sofa, sofa bed, balcony, living room, and much more!

Enjoying the Seville capital, its traditions, its atmosphere, its light, and its special color and doing it as if you were at home has never been so easy. If you book through our website, you can take advantage of two offers.

First of all, the non-refundable promotion, thanks to which you can save a 10% discount for paying three days before your stay.

The long-stay reservation is the other offer with a prize. Those who decide to spend more than ten days at Core Suites Sevilla will have a guaranteed discount for choosing us to be their second home!

If you do, you will receive a discount code to save 10% on your stay in these apartments in Seville and any of our establishments. Likewise, you will also have exclusive gifts just for being you. Do you dare to let yourself be pampered by us?