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Quality Clay Dishes

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You are a fan of clay dishes, but it is very difficult to find it, because it is generally not available in stores. If you look at Old Tupton Ware, you’re sure to find something to your taste.
We produce different types of clay dishes. The entire process of making this dish is a manual production. From the very beginning of clay sculpting, through firing, finishing, re-firing and painting, everything is a manual production. That is why each of our items is unique and you will never find two the same. That’s why our clay items are a great gift choice.

You can see all our products on Old Tupton Ware, and choose some of them. Our clay products are designed to have some use, not just a decoration that will stand and collect dust.

Old Tupton Ware
In addition to a large number of important items, you can also see what our glasses stand looks like. You can choose from the racks with different designs like summer bouquet design, blue iris design, yellow-red poppy design, lavender design and many more designs. This glasses stand will not only be a decoration, but it will be useful for you, so that you always know where your glasses are. If several members of the household wear glasses, you can choose different designs and you will always know which glasses are yours.
Another item you will be able to use is the light switch. It’s a pull-string breaker. It will fit perfectly into any environment and everyone will like it. There are more designs, which you can view on Old Tupton Ware.

A clay object that you will like very much is a honey jar. We produce them in mini size and small size. No matter what size or design you choose, each jar comes with a ceramic spoon, so this product is immediately ready for use.
If you want to choose a unique gift, one click on Old Tupton Ware is enough. Here you will find a gift that is unique, beautiful and useful.