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The Different Types of Beer Packaging – And Which One is Right for Your Brand

The Different Types of Beers and Their Packaging

When it comes to beer, there are many different types of brews to choose from. From porters and stouts to lagers and IPAs, the options are endless. And with such a wide variety of beers available, it’s no wonder that brewers put so much thought into the packaging. After all, the package is the first thing that consumers see when they are looking for a new beer to try. So when you want to pour your own beer, you need to know some basics!

Ales are one of the most popular type of beer, and they come in a variety of styles. From pale ales to IPA’s to brown ales, the possibilities are endless. When it comes to packaging, ales tend to be packaged in cans or bottles with bright colors, bold fonts, and unique designs that draw attention.

Pour Your Own Beer

Lagers are a light beer style that is often brewed at cooler temperatures than ales. This results in a crisp, clean flavor that many people enjoy. When it comes to packaging for lagers, brewers tend to go for more muted colors and simple designs so as not to overpower the subtle flavors of the beer. Bottles and cans are both popular options for lager beer packages.

Stouts and porters are darker, maltier beers that are usually higher in alcohol content than other styles of beer. They have a full-bodied flavor and an intense aroma that many people enjoy. When it comes to packaging for these beers, brewers often choose dark colors such as black or deep purple, along with bold fonts and creative designs.

Wheat beers are light-colored ales with a slightly sweet taste that is created by the addition of wheat during the brewing process. Wheat beers tend to be packaged in lighter colors such as yellow, orange, or green. The packaging often features whimsical illustrations or illustrations related to wheat farming as well as bright fonts and unique design elements.